The Valley of Tulancingo, considered as one of the most important cities and metropolitan areas of the state of Hidalgo. The city offers as its main attraction, its neoclassical style cathedral, as well as other places of interest that we recommend to visit. Pavilion

Tolantongo Grottoes

Dare to immerse yourself in this natural paradise, where you can enjoy direct contact with nature in one of the most impressive landscapes of the State of Hidalgo. With unique waterfalls in the state, and even in the country, a turquoise river, with pure waters running after their lands, the Tolantongo Grottoes is the favorite place of many. You can camp to live the adventure and better appreciate the landscape. The temperature of its river is perfect to detoxify the body by its 38 °. In addition there is also zip line and you can go hiking, to live the gifts of nature to the fullest. This place offers a perfect balance between nature, hospitality and fun, being one of the best destinations in the country.

El Geiser Spa

The Geiser is considered one of the best spas in the State of Hidalgo, due to its hot springs of 95 ° C, its natural corners, an incredible climate to enjoy any day of the year without excuse. This destination is ideal for those who want health, relaxation, fun and entertainment.

Basaltic Prisms

Let yourself be impressed by The Basaltic Prisms, which are geometric basalt columns whose 4 waterfalls decorate the walls of the amazing Santa María Canyon. These rock formations were created millions of years ago and are currently considered one of the 13 natural wonders of Mexico. You can also enjoy the resort with camping areas, barbecue, restaurants, swimming pools, sports courts and craft shops, as well as some other curiosities. In addition, horse riding and boat tours are organized around the San Antonio dam. The whole area is surrounded by forests and incredible vegetation, ideal to enjoy an unforgettable day with the family. Located in Huasca de Ocampo just 40 minutes away. What are you waiting for to know this natural wonder!

The Atlanteans of Tula

The Toltec civilization was one of the most important in pre-Hispanic Mexico. Its beginning is around 700 when Chichimeca groups arrived from the north to settle in this place. In this tourist destination you can find the Jorge R. Acosta Museum where general information of the civilization is presented, you can also appreciate incredible pyramids in which the Wall of the Snakes is located with reliefs of freckles and snake figures. As well as the iconic structures of the site. The Atlanteans of Tula represent the gigantic warriors that protected this civilization. Tula is located 80 km from the city of Pachuca, and this is an excellent place to comfort the spirit and enter the history and culture of the Toltec civilization.

El Chico National Park

El Chico National Park is one of the oldest parks in Mexico, it is impressive the large pine, oyamel and oak forests, it is currently a tourist center that offers all the comforts for camping, areas for mountaineering, hiking, fishing, gotcha and zip line . This park is ideal for people who like nature, live the adventures in bulk and feel calm in the comfort of the forest.

The center of Pachuca

If you come to Hidalgo you can not miss visiting the center of Pachuca, where you can find the Monumental Clock of Pachuca that is a symbol of the Capital and the state of Hidalgo, its construction was to commemorate the first centenary of the Independence of Mexico; It is 40 meters high, has four levels and four faces towards the four cardinal points. In the same center you can eat a traditional paste or move to other important points of the city, such as the photography museum, the art headquarters or if you prefer to get on the tourist bus.

Peña Del Aire

Located to the north of Santa María Regla, on a small dirt road, in this place there is a huge basalt rock that at first glance seems to be suspended in the air. The visual effect is impressive and even more so is the deep ravine that is located next to it, since it seems to have no end. The landscape is surrounded by beautiful green places ideal for the practice of ecotourism in its different modalities. La Peña del Aire in Huasca de Ocampo is the ideal place for people who love nature who share the pleasure of experiencing strong emotions and enjoying picturesque magical villages.

Former Convent of San Nicolás Tolentino

It brings together practically all the architectural styles of the time: plateresque, Moorish, Mudejar, among others. It was designed by Fray Andrés de Mata. With a facade of carved pink quarry and a 40-meter rectangular tower, it is perhaps the most important colonial monument in Mexico. Its two-level cloister has wide corridors with monumental arcades. There is a deepest room whose ceiling is adorned with baskets in bas-relief. There are hundreds of square meters of wall painting but the cube of the staircase towards the cells where the hierarchy of the congregation and of course St. Augustine is immortalized. To the left of the main building is a large open chapel with frescoes on "The Creation" and other themes. An ideal place if you want to discover history and immerse yourself in architecture.


A Magical Town par excellence, with its streets in quarry, its unique constructions, its famous spire which was the seat of the first commemoration of independence; its museums, its ideal places to eat, to sleep, to fascinate you, with its friendly people you can discover more than history. You can go to the Los Arcos Saucillo ecotourism park, or visit the Camino Real spa, even the Municipal Palace itself is worth visiting.

The Mining Legacy

Mining in Real del Monte is really important in the history of the state of Hidalgo and also of the country. The Spaniards were the first to create mining estates in the region, from this time the Acosta Mine today becomes a museum. The most interesting thing about the mine is the experience of entering a 400-meter deep sinkhole. As well as you can visit the Difficulty Mine in which it houses another museum that explains the history of mining in the region through documents, dioramas, photographs and machines.

Trout Forest

With a variety of attractions, an incredible park for camping, a relaxing environment, ideal for walking and exploring, as well as feeling the tranquility that nature offers. With a huge blue lagoon, with its goldfish, its zip line and variety of regional food, etc. Located in Huasca de Ocampo is an excellent option to get away from the city.

The Tephé

A spa to spend a good weekend, a getaway or just relax a moment away from the routine. One of the best places to swim, with thermal water and a variety of attractions, a pool where water emanates between 45 -50ºC, with a wave pool, excellent service and space for you to spend a unique afternoon.

Other places to visit:

  • The House of Culture.
  • The Cathedral, Neoclassic construction from XVIII century.
  • Temple of Atonement, first to be constructed in Latin America.
  • Satellite Earth Station (guided tour available).
  • Railway Museum (railroad museum).
  • Museum of History data
  • Huapalcalco, Ceremonial center of Tolteca empire.
  • Tejocotal lake.