The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Hidalgo designated the municipality of Tulancingo de Bravo "People with flavor".

Juan García Mellado, Secretary of Economic Development of the municipality, reported in this regard that after the call issued last July, the government of Tulancingo integrated a file in which the typical dishes of the municipality were detailed, as well as their drinks, originating products, festivals , tianguis, markets and restaurants.

Likewise, the traditional turkey was highlighted as a representative dish of the area.

In the next stage, the evaluation and tasting of the dishes of the participating municipalities was carried out by the Ministry of Culture; the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO); the Secretariat of Agricultural Development (SEDAGRO); the National Chamber of the Restaurants and Spiced Food Industry (CANIRAC); the University Center of Higher Studies of Gastronomy and Tourism (CUESGyT) and the Hidalguense Gastronomic Institute.

Finally, Eduardo Baños Gómez, representative of the State Tourism secretariat, issued the verdict in which he recognized Tulancingo and the municipalities of Zempoala, Acaxochitlán, Omitlán, Calnali, Huejutla and Actopan as “Pueblos con Sabor”.